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The Ultimate Turnkey
Affiliate Marketing System

Imagine Having Access Every Month To "Done-For-You" Market Research, Keyword Lists PLUS Exclusive Articles and Ecourses That You Can Private Label and Use To Create Your Own Products, Promote Affiliate Programs and Even Build Massive Opt-In Lists in Dozens of Different Niche Markets

(This is the ultimate addition to any affiliate marketing system, but only 1500 people will ever have access to it.)


From: Paul Evans
Company: Info Market Results, LLC

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Does it feel like everyone is making money with affiliate marketing...EXCEPT YOU!

It seems everywhere you turn there's another "guru come lately" touting the latest and greatest ebook or page generator software that promises to show you how to make thousands of dollars a month from Adsense and affiliate programs.

But be honest...

How much money have you made from from these programs in the last 12 months?

If you're already rich and the question above brought a smile to your face, then maybe this letter isn't for you.

But if you're frustrated by all the empty promises and are ready to make some REAL money online, then believe us when we say that this letter is DEFINITELY for YOU.

That's because I'm gonna give you all the tools and resources you need to start your own online publishing empire.

I don't care if you sell niche information products as your primary business, promote other people's products as an affiliate or if you build portal sites to earn Adsense revenues...every online business needs one thing:


Think about it...if you had access to hundreds of private label articles and mini-courses in dozens of niche markets, what would you do with them?

Build a massive network of portal or directory sites that drive traffic to Adsense pages...
Use them as search engine fodder to drive free traffic to your related niche sites...
Convert the articles into an ecourse or special report that you can give away to build an opt-in list...
Publish your own profitable newsletter or ezine in the niche market of your choice...
Setup dozens of "profit blogs" that suck in free traffic and monetize it through affiliate programs and contextual ad programs like Google Adsense...
Submit the articles (with your custom resource box, of course) to literally hundreds of article directories to drive more free traffic back to your site...
Lump them together to create your own, original information products...

How About All of the Above?

How you use the content is entirely up to you, because I've literally done all the work.

Just imagine all the different markets you could go into each month if someone else was providing you with the:

  • Market research,
  • Keyword research
  • Related Affiliate Programs
  • Training
  • Site Building Software, plus...

With this much work done for you, you could literally work just one or two days a week and still get more accomplished than the average online marketer gets done in a month! (And no, that's not an exaggeration.)

For example, let's say you've decided to develop niche content sites that get their traffic from the search engines and profit when someone clicks on one of your Google Adsense listings.

You know that this kind of business requires a lot of sites and a lot of pages in a lot of different markets, so you decide to create a 10 portal/directory sites in 10 different markets each month (for 100 total websites per month). Your plan is to make at least $0.50 per day from Adsense off of each site in your network, so each month you should add approximately $50 a day to your total monthly income.

It sounds simple right?

Well unfortunately SIMPLE and EASY are two very different things...

What most people don't realize is just how long a process like the one we described above can take:

Research ten (10) profitable niche markets 2 - 4 hours
Compile a large list primary and secondary keywords for each market (we'll discuss a little later why it's important to have both) 4 - 6 hours
Compile and edit at least a dozen articles for each market to use as content for your sites 60-120 hours
Total Time
66-130 hours

And that still doesn't include the time it takes to actually build the websites and develop your offers. Add those things in and it's no wonder few people are making any money with content sites.

Unless you're doing this stuff full-time, there just aren't enough hours in the day to do it all!

Well it's my mission to fix that problem once and for all...

The Solution To Everyone's Problem
Is To Give People "The Fish"

I obviously can't add more hours to your days, but I can effectively shorten the time it takes to complete the tasks above.

So rather than write another ebook on how to do market research, compile keywords and create content, I've instead decided just to give you everything you need to get started with your niche marketing business:

1) A list of proven and profitable niche markets worth pursuing

2) An expanded keyword list for each and every market

3) Plus dozens of articles and ecourses you can use however you like to get traffic to your websites and convert that traffic into cold, hard cash.

The way we see it, this way you'll be able to start making money IMMEDIATELY, while at the same time learn all the basics so they can repeat it time and time again.

Now I know that there are some, so-called experts who would scoff at this notion and say something trite like:

"If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day,
but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime."

The only problem with that scenario is that the poor guy is starving to death while he masters the art of fishing. In other words, while you spend the next 6 months learning how to be the next internet marketing guru, your bank account is shrinking day by day.

So that's why I have adapted a new philosophy which reads:

"Give a man a fish, and after he has finished eating
you can THEN teach him how to fish."

That's exactly what I did with my first membership site, Nicheology.com, and that's exactly what I'm doing again today!

I give you the "fish" (a list of proven markets, expanded keyword lists and private-label content) that you can begin using immediately. Then, down the road if you decide to take things to the next level you can branch out into different markets and do your own keyword research and content creation.

In other words, you will have learned by DOING…rather than by reading another home-study course.

Do you see the difference?

The Next Generation of
Private Label Membership Sites

Like I already said, I had this realization about "giving away the fish" for the first time back in May of 2004 when I launched our now famous membership site, Nicheology.com. Nicheology was the first site of its kind to offer private label information products (plus additional market research) on a monthly basis to small group of members.

This concept was so popular that the site literally SOLD OUT within the first 30 days, and since that time new members have only been accepted via a waiting list system.

Originally when I launched Nicheology I did it to help people get started selling niche infoproducts (primarily ebooks) online, but as time moved on we found that more and more of our members were using the Products In The Rough™ we gave them each month as content for their websites rather than converting them into products to sell.

And while there was certainly nothing wrong with this, it got us thinking...

"Why not setup another membership site that caters to the needs of the Affiliate Marketers and Adsense publishers instead of just the folks who want to sell ebooks and other infoproducts online."

Out of this conversation was born Content Goldmine™.

Ok, so what is Content Goldmine? Essentially, Content Goldmine™ is a member's only site that provides a online marketers with everything they need to get started. For example...

Here's What You'll Receive Each Month
As a Member of Content Goldmine™

Membership Benefit #1: Market Research
Ten (10) tested and proven niche markets that are perfect for Adsense, affiliate programs or even information products
...  ($500 monthly value)

Every profitable online business starts with choosing a great market, and in Content Goldmine™ that's exactly what you'll get. Each month you'll receive a fresh list of ten markets that meet our proprietary competition/payout ratio.

By utilizing this ratio, we insure these markets provide a solid Adsense payout per click (as this is one of the truest indicators of market viability whether you choose to go the Adsense route or not), while at the same time remaining competitive enough to bring you traffic without being so competitive that you can't compete.

In other words, you won't be getting a list of markets that contain words like "mesothelioma" and "payday loans". While these markets may pay a lot per click, they're way too competitive for most marketers to compete in.

Membership Benefit #2: Exclusive Content (Articles)
Ten content rich, keyword dense articles per market (100 total) with Private Label Usage Rights...  ($500 monthly value)

In addition to the market research described above, you'll also receive 10 exclusive articles PER MARKET that will allow you to quickly enter (and dominate) any or all of the markets you choose to go into. Each article is keyword rich and contains between 500 and 700 words, and since you have private label rights you can do whatever you want with them:

1) Claim authorship yourself and submit them to the article directories with links back to YOUR websites.

Add them to your current websites...the additional content will encourage the search engines to return to your site over and over again. (Oh yeah, and since you have private label rights you can make changes to articles that will get you around Google's duplicate content penalty.)

Create a network of niche blogs and use the articles as content. Search engines love blogs, and if you host Adsense ads on each post you can easily convert them into "profit blogs" that bring in passive income each month from free search engine traffic.

Bundle multiple articles together and even create an ebook or other information product that is 100% your own. You could even record your new product and turn it into a higher-end multimedia course, without ever having to write a single word of content yourself.

You may also want to take a few articles and turn them into a multi-part ecourse, but in reality that won't be necessary because we've done that for you as well...

Membership Benefit #3: Exclusive Content (Mini-Courses)
One 5-part mini-course for each market
...  ($100 monthly value)

This is probably the ultimate shortcut for anyone who wants to get started online. Even if you don't have a product, you can setup a website that offers a free mini-course in your market in exchange for an opt-in.

By doing this, you can actually start to build a massive subscriber list, so that by the time your product is complete you already have a group of people ready and willing to buy whatever it is you're selling.

And even if you never decide to create a product of your own, you can still promote affiliate programs on the backend and profit that way.

Now do you see why folks call Content Goldmine the "The Ultimate Shortcut"?

Imagine adding 10 markets each month to your online niche empire. By the end of the year you'll be building lists in 120 markets, and that's without doing any work at all!

We give you the markets...we give you the content...but that's not all we give you...

Membership Benefit #4: Keyword Research
An expanded primary and secondary keyword list for each market
...  ($300 monthly value)

Once you've chosen a market, the next big step is keyword research. If you plan to do any pay per click advertising or SEO, you'll need a massive list of keywords.

Normally this process is long and tedious, especially if you take the time to develop lists of both PRIMARY and SECONDARY keywords. Here's what I mean:

Primary Keywords are words that contain your root keyword phrase. So for example, if your market is "model trains", some primary keywords would be: "model train collecting", "model train sets", etc. You see...each keyword contains the root phrase "model trains".

Secondary Keywords, on the other hand, are related (but often less competitive) keyword phrases that don't contain the root keyword phrase. So getting back to our "model train" example, some secondary keywords would be "hobby train" or "Lionel train set". See how it works?

(By the way, most marketers only gather primary keywords, so by getting the secondary keywords you give yourself an immediate competitive advantage over everyone else in your market.)

Also, this isn't just some lame list of 50 - 100 keywords that was pulled from the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool. Our keyword researchers mine keywords from Google and even WordTracker (which, if you don't already know is a paid service). We even mine keywords using a proprietary tool, so I can assure you that we'll find keywords that no one else gets.

All in all, you should expect to see lists as large as 300 to 1000 keywords phrases per market!

But we're still not finished...

Membership Benefit #5
: Affiliate Program/Partner Research
A complete list of related affiliate programs for each market that you can start promoting today or partner with down the road...
 ($300 monthly value)

If you don't believe us when we say we're literally doing all the work for you, you will now...

In addition to doing all the market research, keyword research and providing you with exclusive *private label* content, we're also going to provide you with a list of affiliate programs related to each market so you'll have something to promote IMMEDIATELY.

These lists will consist of 5 - 10 affiliate programs (depending on the market), so you'll never run out of products to promote on the backend of your own products or to subscribers to your mini-course. You can also take your favorite affiliate program and promote it inside the articles we give you, so if anyone publishers your article on their site you'll earn a commission from any sales that result.

It's turnkey viral marketing at its best, and it's all handed to you on a silver platter month after month!


Membership Benefit #6: Affiliate Tools and Training
Step by step tutorials that show and tell you how to grow your adsense and affiliate marketing business... ($100 monthly value)

We'll be showing you you how to...

  • Create fast content sites with Wordpress

  • The Article Marketing Map

  • Converting articles into special reports for higher profits.

  • Using the content for YouTube traffic

  • Social Sites Master List

  • Compile Your PDFs Quickly and Easily

As you can see, with Content Goldmine™ I can say with confidence that...

I Have Created the Ultimate Shortcut for
Content Site Creators and Affiliate Marketers Alike

But more importantly, this system works for anyone - no matter their experience or skill level.

For example:

  • If you are brand-new to online marketing, you can take the ecourses we give you, set up a website to gather optins and promote the affiliate programs we suggest on the backend.

    Within a day or two you could literally have little niche businesses setup in 10 different markets, WITHOUT DOING ANY WORK YOURSELF. (Oh yeah, and your empire will continue to grow by at least 10 each markets and every month.)

  • If you consider yourself an intermediate-level online marketer we suggest you use the articles to drive content to a site you already have, or to a "forced opt-in" squeeze page (possibly using the ecourse we provide) to generate leads in your favorite markets.

    You could then develop a multi-part follow-up sequence (again, using the content from the articles we give you) to promote the different affiliate programs or a product you already own.

  • If you are an expert online marketer, then we don't need to convince you of the value of a site like this. (In fact, we're surprised you're still reading this and haven't already signed up.)

    More than likely you have systems in place to take care of all your market and keyword research, and possibly even your content creation, so adding another 10 markets to your already extensive network only increases to your bottom line. (And when you see how tiny an investment this is, you'll probably laugh out loud.)

Which Brings Us To the BIG Question
You're Probably Thinking To Yourself Right Now...

"How much is a membership to Content Goldmine™ gonna cost me?"

Between the market research, keyword research, exclusive content creation (including the 10 articles per market and ecourse) and the affiliate partner research, you're easily saving 12- 20 hours a month.

Now, I don't know how much your time is worth, but even at $5 per hour (which is less than minimum wage here in the states and A LOT less than you would pay someone if you outsourced all this), the value is easily $60 - $100 per month.

(Really it's probably more like $600 - $1000 per month, but we're being conservative so you can see what a no-brainer this really is.)

So given the costs (not to mention the time) required to start your own online niche business, we think you'll agree that $47 per month is a steal.

And if you think about it, you really only have three options...

OPTION #1: YOU could pay a ghostwriter $500 (or more) to write 100 articles and 10 five part mini-courses each month, plus another person $300 - $500 per month to do market and keyword research.

You could hire a coach to training you on what to do with it.

You could buy the same site generation software everyone else is using.

When it's all said and done you'll be out about $1900 a month, and you still haven't made any money yet.

OPTION #2: YOU could do everything yourself. Seriously, if you've got more time than money this is a great option. If you're like so many other online marketers you still have a full-time job during the day and a family to care for, so devoting 100 to 125 hours a month MINIMUM just to writing articles and ecourses is not always realistic.

And ask yourself this...

Do you really want to write 100 articles and 10 multi-part ecourses a month in markets that you're neither interested or experienced in? We think not.

OPTION #3: You become a member of Content Goldmine™ for $47 and get everything we've described above.

Let's see...

$47 vs. $1500

0 hours vs 125 hours

(We told you this would be a no-brainer.)

But there's another factor I haven't even mentioned...

If you did decide to go with Options #1 or #2, you would still have to wait a month or even longer before you could launch your online business.

With Content Goldmine™, however, if you join today you'll INSTANTLY have access to 10 markets, each with 10 articles, a 5-part mini-course, an expanded keyword list as well as a complete list of recommended affiliate programs.

Oh yeah, and there's also another 2 month's in the "archives" that you'll also get instant access to, so that should be more than enough to keep you busy. :o)


And Don't Worry...

I'm Not Gonna Ask You To Make a
Decision Right Now - Just Say "Maybe"

I'm just like you...

I know how hard it can be to make a decision...especially when the deal seems "too-good-to-be-true."

That's why I'm not asking you to make a decision right now. All I'm asking you to do is say, "Maybe." The process is simple. Just signup for a Charter Membership using the link at the bottom of this letter.

If after 60 days you decide that Content Goldmine™ is not right for you, you can cancel your membership and receive a full, 100% refund for your first month's dues.

Just be warned...

Should you decide to cancel, your spot will be turned over to someone on our Waiting List, and chances are it will take many months before you'll be able to get in again. (And that's assuming you're EVER able to get back in.)

That said, we think that once you see everything that you're getting inside Content Goldmine™, you'll want to stick around for a long time. :o)

Again, maybe we're totally wrong...

Maybe you'll access Content Goldmine™, take one look at it and say, "I can find dozens of other places I'd rather spend $47 each month."

I just don't know, which is why I'm more than willing to refund your membership dues should you decide that Content Goldmine™ is not for you. In fact, here's my guarantee in writing...

No-Risk, No-Hassle, No-Hard-Feelings,
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

You have 30 full days to check out everything that Content Goldmine™ has to offer, including the articles, ecourses, keyword lists and affiliate lists.

If after 60 days you don't feel like you're on the right track to making money with your own online niche marketing business, just let us know and we'll refund you 100% of your first month's dues. No games. No tricks. And no hard feelings.

Worse case scenario: You decide that Content Goldmine™ is not right for you, you get your money back, and you get to keep a lot of great stuff!

In other words...we're taking all the risk, so YOU have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

That's my promise to you!

No matter the outcome, we think you'll agree that Content Goldmine™ is worth a shot.

So right now, while it's still fresh in your mind, use the form below to secure your Charter Membership in Content Goldmine™..

[FrontPage Save Results Component]

Content Goldmine's No-Risk Signup Form

YES Paul, this is exactly what I've been waiting for! I'm eager to build my own profitable niche marketing empire, and I know that a Charter Membership in Content Goldmine™ is the fastest and easiest way to do it! I realize I can cancel at anytime.

I want instant access to...

  • 100 original articles (found nowhere else) in 10 niches every month.

  • 50 autoresponder messages each month.

  • Primary and secondary keywords for all the niche articles above.

  • Affiliate programs related directly to the markets above - saving me a huge amount of time and research.

  • Training on how to use all this content, plus resources directly related to affiliate and Adsense marketing.

  • Unadvertised "bonuses" and additions to the private membership area easily worth the small price of this membership.

  • Access to the Content Goldmine Affiliate Gateway where I can earn recurring commissions.


$97 Access Only $47 month

Best of success,

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

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