An Introduction To Content Goldmine
(How To Get the Most Out of Your Membership)

As a member of Content Goldmine, you receive 5 major benefits each and every month…

  1. Market Research
  2. Article Content
  3. Ecourse Content
  4. Keyword Research
  5. Affiliate Research

Market Research
The market research aspect of Content Goldmine is encompassed by the 10 new markets you receive as a member each month. These markets are hand-selected among a pool of literally thousands of profitable topics, so you can rest assured that the topics we provide each month in Content Goldmine are some of the most in-demand (yet not overly competitive) markets on the entire Internet.

Article Content
Articles are the building blocks of an online business. They can be combined and turned into full-blown infoproducts, posted to article directories to drive traffic and search engine spiders back to webpages, used in press releases, posted to blogs, incorporated into content sites, etc.

In short, articles are one of the most valuable tools an online business owner can have, which is why we give you ten (10) original articles for every market you receive each month as a member of Content Goldmine. That means you literally get 100 new articles each and every month, and since you have *private label rights* to this content you can use them however you like.

  • Claim authorship and promote your favorite affiliate program in the article,
  • Post the articles to a niche blog that hosts Adsense ads and turn it into a “profit blog”, or even…
  • Combine the articles together with some content of your own and create your own best-selling information product.

The ideas for how to use this content is truly only limited by your imagination!

Ecourse Content
Ecourses (also called mini-courses) are another profitable “weapon” in the online marketer’s arsenal. The best usage for ecourses is to gather opt-ins so you can build a list and sell products to your subscribers on the backend. For example …

Each month you can setup a new website offering your ecourse in exchange for an opt-in. You could use the articles we provide you to drive traffic to these opt-in pages, and over time you could build up a massive network of niche opt-in lists, all of which could be extremely valuable whether you ever create a product to sell to these markets or not.

That, by the way, is why we call this “The Ultimate Shortcut To Online Profits”. Using the ecourse content we give you each month, after just one year you could literally build a lead generation network made up of 120 markets or more…all of them gathering opt-ins without you having to lift a finger.

Keyword Research
Whether you plan to use pay per click media such as Google Adwords and Yahoo!Search (formerly or build search engine-friendly website to drive traffic back to your websites, a good list of keywords is essential.

The problem is, most marketers take the lazy way out and use free software programs like GoodKeywords to build their list, and when they do that they’re basically utilizing the same 50 – 100 keywords that everyone else in their market is using.

That’s why, with Content Goldmine, we provide you with a list of keywords from multiple sources. These include: Google, Overture, Wordtracker, and even our own proprietary keyword resources. In other words, the keyword lists you get from us are 5 – 10 times the size of the keyword lists your competitors are using, all of which leads to lower pay per click costs and greater domination in the search engines.

Normally the keyword research process is long and tedious, especially if you take the time to develop lists of both PRIMARY and SECONDARY keywords. Here’s what we mean:

Primary Keywords are words that contain your root keyword phrase. So for example, if your market is “model trains”, some primary keywords would be: “model train collecting”, “model train sets”, etc. You see…each keyword contains the root phrase “model trains”.

Secondary Keywords, on the other hand, are related (but often less competitive) keyword phrases that don’t contain the root keyword phrase. So getting back to our “model train” example, some secondary keywords would be “hobby train” or “Lionel train set”. See how it works?

(By the way, most marketers only gather primary keywords, so by getting the secondary keywords you give yourself an immediate competitive advantage over everyone else in your market.)

Affiliate Research
When it’s all said and done, what good is content, traffic and opt-ins if you don’t have anything to sell? We know this seems obvious, but all too often online business owners will build a website, generate traffic and THEN start asking themselves how they’re going to monetize that traffic.

Obviously this is not a wise way to do business…

That’s why, along with all the market research, content and keyword research, we also provide you with an “Affiliate Data Sheet” for each and every market. This Affiliate Data Sheet contains a list of between 5 and 10 affiliate programs that you can join today and begin promoting within minutes.

This resource is an incredibly time-saver, because all you have to do is create the websites (using the content we give you), drive traffic to these sites (again, using the keywords and content we provide you), and promote one or more of the affiliate programs we suggest.

Once again, we’ve done all the grunt work so you can concentrate on building sites and making money.

So with all that said, the only question is: What are you waiting for?

You literally have everything you need right at your fingertips, so close this window, download the materials for this month and get started! :o)